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It takes more than just playing all notes in tune and tempo to master the flute. Technical capabilities are just the start of making music, not the goal. MASTERING the FLUTE website aims to create a useful and inspiring source for anyone who wants to master the craft of flute playing.
The best, inspiring interpretations of each piece are at the heart of this website. To see what’s out there, compare, get inspired, and eventually become one of the greatest who can motivate and inspire others as well. Besides flute repertoire, the website contains the most thorough list of winners of all major international flute competitions: ARD, Cobe, Geneve, Nielsen, Prague, etc. as an additional source of motivation to become one of them.
We are open to collaboration with other flutists, musicians, and artists that can contribute with additional inspiring content. Please contact us if you find any important discrepancies, providing a trustworthy source as proof.





MASTERING the FLUTE makes no guarantee that the information you view on this website is in the public domain in your country. Thus, we can’t take any legal responsibility or liability of any kind for the copyright status. All textual material published here is originally created content that was combined from various publicly available sources. All photos, audio, and video content combined on this website are primarily aimed at education and research purposes.