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Blavet Michel

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Concerto in A minor for flute and string orchestra

By Blavet Michel

M. Blavet: Concerto for flute and string orchestra (without viola) in A minor was written in 1752 and is the only surviving flute concerto of this French composer and flute virtuoso. Interestingly that the first and the last movements are written in Italian style which was rather unusual for that time.

Maxence Larrieu

Ensemble Instrumental de France, Jean-Pierre Wallez (conductor). Decca records

1. Allegro, 2. Gavotte I, 3. Gavotte II, 4. Allegro

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Blavet Michel

Michel Blavet (1700-1768) was a French flutist and composer who played virtually any instrument at his time. At some point he was considered as the finest flute player in France and was admired by Voltaire.
At the age of 28 he published his first book of flute music.
Since the majority of music buyers were amateurs,  composers usually wrote in the easiest keys.
In 1738 Michel Blavet took a principal flute position at the court of Louis XV and in 1740 he became Principal flute in the Paris Opera orchestra as well.
Fun fact: he held the flute to the left, as opposed to flutists nowadays.