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Dehnhard Tilmann

Dehnhard, Tilmann

Basilica Deserta for bassflute and piano

By Dehnhard Tilmann

T. Denhard: Basilica Deserta for bass flute or flute and piano was written in 2020 on comission by Klaus Spors. Even though the preferred instrument for this composition is bass flute, the solo part can be played on the C flute as well.

Tillman Dehnhard

Bass flute with a midi piano layout, 2021

Basilica Deserta

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Dehnhard Tilmann

Tillman Dehnhard (1968)  is a well-known German flutist, composer and educator. He studied flute and saxophone at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where he still lives, working as a freelance musician and composer.

Next to his own musical formations he has performed with various musicians of various genres: Sam Rivers, Till Brönner, Robbie Williams und Cindy Lauper. His performance starts with an almost unnoticed pulse, rhythm or endless drone: he simultaneously sings and plays, and his endless breath may cause dizziness in the audience. Tillman Dehnhard is often considered as a  bizarre One-Man-Orchestra who can create memorable sound installations at any venue. He often performs as a Soundpainter, giving workshops all over the world.