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Valse for flute and piano from Suite of Three Pieces (Op 116)

By Godard Benjamin

B. Godard: "Valse" from Suite of Three Pieces (Suite de trois morceaux) for flute and piano (Op 116) was written in 1890 and dedicated to Paul Taffanel. Valse is the 3rd movement of this suite, a great example of "musique de salon de la Belle Époque" style.

Kenneth Smith

Paul Rhodes (piano), 2013, Diversions / Naxos


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John Wion

Thomas Hrynkiv (piano), 1993, John Wion/ CDBaby


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Godard Benjamin

Benjamin Godard (1849-1895) was a French violinist and composer who is best known for his opera "Jocelyn" (and "La Berceuse" extract in particular). Born in Paris, he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris with Henri Vieuxtemps (violin) and Napoléon Henri Reber (harmony). He co-won Prix de la Ville de Paris for his symphony “Le Tasso” in 1878.
Overall he composed eight operas, five symphonies, three concertos as well as many chamber music compositions. His composition style was close to Mendelssohn and Schuman and was praised for works of smaller scale. He died at the age of 45 in Cannes while receiving treatment from tuberculosis.