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21st century

Solo repertoire


Alto flute

Bass flute

Price William Roger

Connesson, Guillaume

Desenne, Paul

Ittzés, Gergely

Pärt, Arvo

Pattillo, Greg

Price, William Roger

Schwantner, Joseph

Sollberger, Harvey

Somma, Victor

Vasks, Pēteris

Woolf, Randall

Monologue for flute solo

Monologue for flute solo

By Price William Roger

W. Price: Monologue for solo flute was written in 2018.

Iwona Glinka

2019, Phasma Music/ Naxos


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Price William Roger

William Price is an American composer whose works have been performed at various Festivals and Conferences throughout the world. His research and music has focused on the use of temporal disruption and its effect on the progress of the musical narrative, exploring and developing three basic concepts typically associated with discursive semantics: the brief “interjection”, extended “interruption”, and musical “digression”.
He received his musical education at the University of Alabama and Master’s degree from Louisiana State University where he studied composition with Dinos Constantinides and electroacoustic composition with Stephen David Beck. Currently William Price serves a Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Theory and Composition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).