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New Millennium Memo for flute solo

New Millennium Memo for flute solo

By Sollberger Harvey

H. Sollberger: New Millennium Memo for flute solo was written in 2000. It was premiered at Oberlin College by Claire Chase in 2000. The composition reflects Harvey Sollberger's search for musical substance can be found in a solo piece for flute. "This music, each piece, has the substance of a world. I'm amazed to find more and more in less and less. I simply call it Smallness".

Elizabeth McNutt

2011, live at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas

New Millennium Memo

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Sollberger Harvey

Harvey Sollberger (1938) is an American flutist, composer and conductor. He received his musical education at Iowa and Columbia universities.
In 1962 he co-founded the Group for Contemporary Music and led new music ensembles at the Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University and University of California. From 1997 to 2005 he was a Music Director of the La Jolla Symphony. In 1970s he became famous among NY flutists for his "Flute Farm", a summer program that was held in Cherry Valley and Woodstock, NY, Bowling Green, OH and Siena, Italy from 1975-1983.