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"Ide" for solo flute

"Ide" for solo flute

By Somma Victor

V. Somma: "Ide" for solo flute was written in 2013. The word "Ide" means go in archaic Portuguese, and in this tense suggests an imperatively dictated order. This caught my attention while reading the New Testament and noticed that Jesus used this imperative a few times with his disciples. This order was sometimes for his disciples to be like sheep among wolves, no matter the social or physical consequences of what they were about to do, other times the commendment was simply to spread love and grace around the world.

For the New Testament, man's relationship with his Creator thus suggests a decision to be made by man himself to go beyond what can be seen as reality, as if human beings had to have the courage to go without fear beyond its limits, and only then could it experience a transcendent spiritual reality.
A faith that involves the attitude of man, who by pure grace manages, if he so chooses, to go beyond.

Victor Somma

Recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Music Chapel (2015)


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Somma Victor

Victor Somma (1981) is a Brazilian flutist and composer.
He studied flute at the National School of Music in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and composition at LUCA, Arts Lemmensinstituut in Belgium.
He has several compositions for flute (Ida, Pneuma) and has composed works for Lemmens Institute Symphony Orchestra, the Chorales Equinox, Aschot Katchatourian, Sevak Avanesyan, Berten D'Hollander, Aders Ljungar-Chapelon etc
Besides composing Victor Somma is a freelance flutist and chamber musician who performs across Europe and South America.
From 2013 to 2020 he led the Creative Musical Workshop of the "Chorales Equinox", a project in Belgium dedicated to work with teenagers and disadvantaged children.
Since 2018 Victor Somma is a co-founder of Association Uaná Pour les Arts organization that promotes various forms of arts and social projects in Brazil: concerts, art expositions, festivals and recordings.