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Inspiration by creation

Inspiration by creation

By Ainars Pudans on Aug 24, 2022

When we started to work on this website almost two years ago we wanted to create a useful source for flutists. Not just another website for woodwinds or links to various flute sources but something practical which can be found in the same place: repertoire, sheet music, competitions, auditions, and so on.  However, once we started gathering this information, we realized that we want to create something more than that. Something that makes it special, something that can also inspire those who want to become a true master of flute.

The naming of this website was inspired by the title of the book “Mastering the Flute with William Bennett” by Roderick Seed, containing teaching methods of world-renown flutist William Bennet.  He has been a role model for anyone who had the privilege to interact with him. Including members of our team. So, it all came down as an epiphany that we need to go a bit deeper than other sources.

The core of this website is a flute repertoire and everything that surrounds it: any relevant information about a particular piece and the timing of its composition, the composer who wrote the piece, and what was going on at that particular period of his/her life. Adding the best interpretations publicly available on youtube was a natural next step that led us to the discovery of many outstanding flutists as well.

The journey of making all this has been very exciting and truly inspirational. I wish that some of the biographies of composers and flutists someday will turn out as a book or a movie. For example. If you think that a brewery draughtsman that decides to pursue his career as a musician at the age of 16 no way could become the Principal Flute of the London Philharmonia Orchestra, think again and read the biography of Kenneth Smith.

Additionally, we have a thorough list of all laureates of the biggest flute competitions. Some of this information was never published before. As for the auditions – we combine information from various sources, updating them daily.

So, we are about to start our journey of discovering more flute repertoire and more brilliant interpretations and flute masters. Gradually we hope to add more chapters as well.   Meanwhile – enjoy and let us know if you have something to contribute, making this website even more useful and worthwhile to visit for everyone who wants to master the flute or just enjoys the sound of this brilliant instrument.

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