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Flute competitions
Carl Nielsen International Competition

Carl Nielsen International Competition

The competition was established in 1980 under the patronage of Queen Margarethe of Denmark., initially as a violin competition with its first President Henryk Szeryng. The flute edition was added in 1998. From 2019, the Carl Nielsen International Competitions for violin, clarinet, and flute will be held concurrently for the first time. Since 2019 the competition has three Artistic Advisors:  Nikolaj Znaider, Emmanuel Pahud, and Martin Fröst.

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Laureates of previous competitions

Alberto Navarra, Italy: 1st prize
Seohyeon Kim, South Korea: 2nd prize
Alberto Acuna Almela, Spain: 3rd prize
Joséphine Olech, France: 1st prize
Marianna Julia Żołnacz, Poland: 2nd prize
Rafael Adobas Bayog, Spain: 3rd prize
Sebastian Jacot, Switzerland: 1st prize
Yukie Ota, Japan: 2nd prize
Yaeram Park, South Korea: 3rd prize
Adriana Ferreira, Portugal: 1st prize
Alexandra Grot, Russia: 1st prize
Łukasz Długosz, Poland: 2nd prize
Grigory Mordashov, Russia: 3rd prize
Marion Ralincourt, France: 3rd prize
Pirmin Grehl, Germany: 1st prize
Denis Bouriakov, Russia: 2nd prize
Fruzsina Varga, Hungary: 3rd prize
Sarah Rumer, Switzerland: 4th prize
Karl-Heinz Schütz, Austria: 1st prize
Kazunori Seo, Japan: 2nd prize
Henrik Wiese, Germany: 3rd prize
Natalie Schwaabe, Germany: 4th prize