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Flute competitions
Fürstenau International Flute Competition

Fürstenau International Flute Competition

The 1st International Fürstenau Flute Competition was held in Münster, Germany in September, 2023.

Named after the renown flute virtuoso, composer and teacher Anton Bernhard Fürstenau (1792-1852), the competition is organized by the Westfälischen Kulturarbeit (gwk), non-profit association that promotes young artists from the North Rhine-Westphalia region, Münster University of Music, and Münster Symphony Orchestra as a cooperation partner.
Among the Jury members of the 1st Competitions were Golo Berg, Davide Formisano, Stephan Froleyks, Anne-Cathérine Heinzmann, Carlo Jans and Sarah Louvion.

The next competition for Flute:

Münster, GERMANY

Laureates of previous competitions

Anna Komarova, Russia: 1st prize
Leonardo Daniel Hernández Mendoza, Mexico: 3rd prize
Luna Vigni, Italy: 3rd prize