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Flute competitions
International Nicolet Competition Guangzhou

International Nicolet Competition Guangzhou

Established in 2006 International Nicolet Competition Guangzhou aimed to improve the flute playing of Chinese young flutists and to enhance international music exchange. Internationally renowned flute master Auréle Nicolet was the head of the Jury of the 1st competition held in 2006, greatly inspiring everyone involved and adding international recognition to the Competition and its laureates ever since.

The next competition for Flute:

Guangzhou, CHINA

Laureates of previous competitions

Anna Komarova, Russia: 1st prize
Gaia Bergamaschi, Italy: 2nd prize
Iker Sáez, Spain: 2nd prize
Pablo Alcántara, Spain: 2nd prize
Hualin Jia, China: 3rd prize
Niccolo Valerio, Italy: 3rd prize
Marianna Julia Żołnacz, Poland: 1st prize
Pablo Alcántara, Spain: 2nd prize
Joidy Scarlet Blanco Lewis, Venezuela: 3rd prize
Jayoung Kim, Korea: 4th prize
Gan Quan, China: 5th prize
Èva Szabados, Hungary: 6th prize
Livia Duleba, Hungary: 2nd prize
Anna Kondrashina, Russia: 3rd prize
Takahiro Uchiyama, Japan: 3rd prize
Mattia Petrilli, Italy: 4th prize
Chloé Dufossez, France: 5th prize
Bricault Samuel, France: 6th prize
María Cecilia Muñoz, Argentina: 1st prize
Hanna Schulze Dieckhoff, Germany: 2nd prize
Seiya Ueno, Japan: 3rd prize
Yuki Koyama, Japan: 3rd prize
Jessie Gu, Ireland: 5th prize
Loïc Schneider, France: 1st prize
Denis Bouriakov, Russia: 2nd prize
Andreas Kissling, Germany: 3rd prize
Andrew John Day, Australia: 3rd prize
Qiao Zhang, China: 5th prize
Yuki Koyama, Japan: 6th prize