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Flute competitions
Kobe International Flute Competition

Kobe International Flute Competition

Founded in 1985, the Kobe International Flute Competition (KIFC) is regarded as one of the most prestigious contests for flutists that is held every four years. The Competition consists of four rounds: Preliminary Screening based on the submitted recording is the first round. Approximately fifty contestants are invited to take part in the Second round where all performances are open to the public. Eligibility: between the ages of 15 to 32. Prizes: First prize: 2,000,000 Japanese yen (~ $17,500); Second prize: 1,000,000 Japanese yen; Third prize: 500,000 Japanese yen; Forth to sixth prizes: 200,000 Japanese yen.

The 11th Kobe International Flute Competition:

25 August – 7 September 2025, Kobe Bunka Hall, Medium Hall Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN

The deadline for application: 31 October, 2024

Eligibility: flutists of all nationalities born between 1992 and 2009 (between the ages of 15 to 32 as of December 31, 2024).

2025 Flute Jury:

Hideaki Sakai, Japan (chair)
Silvia Careddu, Italy
Renate Greiss-Armin, Germany
Tomothy Hutchins, Canada
Andrea Lieberknecht, Germany
Andrea Oliva, Italy
Meixiang Piao, China
Felix Renggli, Switzerland
Yumiko Sakuma, Japan

Repertoire and further details >

Laureates of previous competitions

Mario Bruno, Italy: 1st prize
Rafael Adobas Bayog, Spain: 1st prize
Ishii Kie, Japan: 3rd prize
Marianna Julia Żołnacz, Poland: 3rd prize
Anna Komarova, Russia: 5th prize
Joidy Scarlet Blanco Lewis, Venezuela: 6th prize
Hélène Boulègue, France: 1st prize
Yan Yu, China: 1st prize
Anna Kondrashina, Russia: 3rd prize
Marianna Julia Żołnacz, Poland: 3rd prize
Yeojin Han, South Korea: 3rd prize
Mayuko Akimoto, Japan: 4th prize
Mathilde Calderini, France: 1st prize
Sebastian Jacot, Switzerland: 1st prize
Adriana Ferreira, Portugal: 3rd prize
Ai Takeyama, Japan: 3rd prize
Timea Acsai, Hungary: 5th prize
Mariko Hamasaki, Japan: 6th prize
Daniela Koch, Austria: 1st prize
Loïc Schneider, France: 2nd prize
Megan Emigh, USA: 4th prize
Alessandra Russo, Italy: 5th prize
Mariya Semotyuk-Schlaffke, Ukraine: 6th prize
Andrea Oliva, Italy: 1st prize
Yuki Koyama, Japan: 1st prize
Ayako Takagi, Japan: 3rd prize
Sarah Rumer, Switzerland: 3rd prize
Ikue Koike, Japan: 5th prize
Christian Farroni, Italy: 6th prize
Reina Watanabe, Japan: 6th prize
Sarah Louvion, France: 1st prize
Sabine Morel, France: 2nd prize
Dora Seres, Hungary: 3rd prize
Kazushi Saito, Japan: 4th prize
Denis Bouriakov, Russia: 5th prize
Kazunori Seo, Japan: 6th prize
Kersten McCall, Germany: 1st prize
Mathieu Dufour, France: 2nd prize
Henrik Wiese, Germany: 3rd prize
Gergely Márk Bodoky, Hungary: 4th prize
Tatjana Ruhland, Germany: 5th prize
Davide Formisano, Italy: 6th prize
Amy Porter, USA: 2nd prize
Andrea Lieberknecht, Germany: 2nd prize
Emily Beynon, United Kingdom: 3rd prize
Yoshiaki Teramoto, Japan: 5th prize
Eyal Ein-Habar, Israel: 6th prize
Emmanuel Pahud, France: 1st prize
Petri Alanko, Finland: 1st prize
Irén Moré, Hungary: 3rd prize
Stephanie Hamburger, Germany: 4th prize
David Fedele, USA: 5th prize
Young-Ji Song, South Korea: 6th prize
Arife Gülşen Tatu, Turkey: 1st prize
Yumiko Sakuma, Japan: 2nd prize
Vicenç Prats, France: 3rd prize