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Flute competitions
Prague Spring Competition

Prague Spring Competition

Since 1947, the Prague Spring Competition has been one of the most prominent musical contests in Europe.  The competition is held for two instruments each year in a regular alternation. The participants are young musicians up to age 30 who perform on the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, piano, harpsichord, organ, violin, and cello.

The competition is always held in early May, and the finals constitute a program of the Prague Spring festival which traditionally starts on 12th of May. Besides monetary prizes, winners are offered appearances at concert programs of the next year’s Prague Spring Festival.

The next competition for Flute: 2026


Laureates of previous competitions

Chaeyeon You, South Korea: 1st prize
Anna Talácková, Chechia: 2nd prize
Yuan Yu, China: 2nd prize
Niamh McKenna, Ireland: 3rd prize
Yubeen Kim, South Korea: 1st prize
Hélène Boulègue, France: 2nd prize
Sunghyun Cho, South Korea: 2nd prize
Joséphine Olech, France: 3rd prize
Denis Bouriakov, Russia: 1st prize
Timea Acsai, Hungary: 2nd prize
Júlia Somogyi, Hungary: 3rd prize
Dora Seres, Hungary: 1st prize
Chiara Piccinelli, Italy: 3rd prize
Tatjana Ruhland, Germany: 1st prize
Kersten McCall, Germany: 2nd prize
Katalin Kramarics, Hungary: 3rd prize
Andrea Lieberknecht, Germany: 1st prize
Christel Rayneau, France: 2nd prize
Janne Thomsen, Denmark: 2nd prize
Dita Krenberga, Latvia: 3rd prize
Emily Beynon, United Kingdom: 3rd prize
Jean Ferrandis, France: 2nd prize
Silke Uhlig, Germany: 3rd prize
Wolfgang Ritter, Germany: 3rd prize
Ingela Øien, Norway: 2nd prize
Jana Pastrňáková, Chechia: 2nd prize
Michael Faust, Germany: 3rd prize
Pavel Foltýn, Chechia: 3rd prize
Sergei Bubnov, USSR: 1st prize
Arife Gülşen Tatu, Turkey: 2nd prize
Béla Drahos, Hungary: 2nd prize
Daniela Čechová-Tarabová, Chechia: 3rd prize
Dominique Hollebeke, France: 3rd prize
Alexander Maiorov, USSR: 1st prize
Alexander Golyshev, USSR: 2nd prize
Krisztina Solti, Hungary: 2nd prize
Sonja Ameln, Germany: 2nd prize
Barbara Müller-Haase, Austria: 3rd prize
Magdalena Tůmová, Chechia: 3rd prize
Valentin Zverev, USSR: 1st prize
James Galway, United Kingdom: 2nd prize
Jaromír Hönig, Chechia: 2nd prize
Jevgenij Shklianko, USSR: 3rd prize
Rumiana Petrova, Bulgaria: 3rd prize
Jan Hecl, Chechia: 1st prize
Michel Debost, France: 1st prize
Werner Tripp, Austria: 2nd prize
Alexander Murray, United Kingdom: 3rd prize
Louis Hébral, France: 3rd prize
Alexander Korneyev, USSR: 1st prize
František Čech, Chechia: 1st prize
Lev Perepiolkin, USSR: 1st prize
Václav Žilka, Chechia: 2nd prize
Dimitru Pop, Romania: 3rd prize
Jaroslav Josífko, Chechia: 3rd prize
Ladislav Šoka, Chechia: 3rd prize